instant happiness!

instant happiness!

Fresh, artisanal, delicious.
People smiling, enjoying's signature gelati flavours.



Gelati: plural of gelato

Gelato is Italian for ‘frozen’ and is generally creamier, denser and richer-tasting than ice cream – and that’s because of how it's made. Mixed at a slower speed, gelato has less air in the mixture and the flavour stands out more. Gelato is served at a slightly warmer temperature than ice cream and is sought after even on rainy days because of its warmer temperature.

Sorbetti are the close cousin to gelati - naturally flavoured, finely ground ice delights served as a dessert, wonderful on a hot day. Fun fact: sorbets started in the 16th century in coffee houses.


Our happy monsters enjoy artisan gelati. Why artisan?

True artisans produce their treats in small batches using regulated, modern environments. To stay true to the artisanal approach, some gelato makers even use machines whose original designs date back to the early 1900’s. This results in bold flavours and creamy, smooth textures - all while maintaining an ethical focus on ingredient freshness and provenance.


We love good gelato!

Really well made gelato, created in small batches, using traditional techniques and beautiful, fresh ingreditents - created with care and attention.

Our dream is to bring really good, well made gelato to you and your events using a sense of fun - just ask our gelati monsters! Here comes the real thing!


What we serve

Every gelati or sorbetti served comes in a naturally favoured and coloured baked cone in brown, red or black. Most customers choose a wafer on top along with chocolate sauce.

We also use biodegradable cups and spoons if you prefer this to a cone or if you have dietary requirements (such as allergies).


See you in Summer!